We specialise in providing generator installation and a commissioning service, from an initial site survey we will arrange delivery, off-loading and positioning, organising special lifting equipment if required, to finally installing and commissioning of your generator set.

We are experienced in installing generators ranging from 3kVA - 3,000kVA. We install generators across the UK with all locations covered by our experienced engineers, with past installation projects including hospitals, data centres, residential/office buildings and hotels...

Our generator installation service includes the following:

  • Off-loading and positioning of generator set
  • Providing fuel tanks and fuel systems
  • Exhausts systems
  • Ventilation
  • Control panels / switches
  • Earthing
  • Cabling
  • Testing and Commissioning
Our engineers have a large amount of experience and all relevant qualifications.
A newly installed or repositioned generator will need to be commissioned before use. This ensures that everything is working correctly, and provides you with the certification required for your equipment warranty.

Commissioning checks include:

  • Positioning, Anchoring and Earthing
  • Fuel System and Piping
  • Air Flow and Ventilation
  • Wiring and Switching
  • User Training
We can provide a load banking service specialising in multiple generator load bank testing ensuring generator set load capability.

It is crucial that standby generators are load tested on a regular basis to ensure the backup is fit for purpose and if needed, that the standby generator can withstand the power requirements.

We provide a mobile load bank which can test your generator on site from 10kva upwards. We also performance-test the generator over a range of loads, over a period of time, monitoring performance before finally testing the overload capacity.
We offer generator fuel cleaning and polishing service to helping to extend the life of the set and to prevent any costly emergencies.

We recommend diesel fuel testing and generator fuel cleaning as part of your regular preventative maintenance programme. Dirty fuel, clogged filters and sludge in generator fuel tanks are all primary reasons for engine failures and power loss. Not only is this inconvenient, it can also result in loss of productivity and financial loss.

Symptoms in the tank:
  • Water in the tank
  • Unusual smell
  • Dark-coloured fuel
  • Slimy mass in tanks or filters
  • Fuel system fouling
Engine symptoms:
  • Dark exhaust
  • Corroded injectors
  • Clogged fuel lines
  • Clogged fuel filters
We offer nationwide generator maintenance and servicing contracts on new and existing equipment.

There are a range of maintenance plans to suit every customer requirement from a simple repair through to 24 hour 365 days a year service contracts. We can provide peace of mind that all your servicing, maintenance and repair requirements are taken care of all from one supplier.

Regular servicing and continuous maintenance of generating sets is a key part of ensuring that the equipment works when it is required to do so. For diesel standby generators over 3 kVA it's recommended practice to have an engineer check the equipment annually to change air filters, fuel filters, and oil where applicable and ensure correct and smooth running of the generator.

For prime power units, servicing schedules are usually every 250 or 500 hours, depending on the engine manufacturer's handbook requirements.

We can provide both annual servicing contracts as well as a call-out facility for a diverse range of clients. These customers may include city councils, hotels, residential/office buildings, farmers, data centres, retailers, service stations and numerous other applications...

We carry Pramac, SDMO and Mosa genuine parts for your generator service, whilst providing a quick and efficient supply service.
We can repair your generator both on-site or in our fully equipped workshops based in Southampton, Hampshire and Crewe, Cheshire.

Our fully trained and qualified technicians can tackle any job, ranging from a basic service to extensive repair or refurbishment.